How to get NBI Clearance from Philippine Embassy Bangkok?

This is how I processed my NBI clearance. You can click here for full application instruction.

First Step (Philippine Embassy)

  1. Bring the following documents before going to Philippine embassy:
    • ✔ 2 pieces of 2x2 photos with white background
    • ✔ Old NBI Clearance

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How to get to Philippine embassy from Victory Monument?

  1. Victory Monument - From Victory Monument take a BTS to Thonglo Station.
  2. Thonglo Station - When you get to Thonglo station take EXIT left and head south. It will just take 8-10 minutes walk.
  3. The security guard will ask for your I.D or work permit will do before you can get into the building

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Obtaining Birth Certificate and CENOMAR Online

For us Filipinos working abroad it's very easy and convenient to get Birth Certificate and CENOMAR now online. All you need is make an application online and have an authorize person to receive the documents in your behalf. You can pay using Visa,Master Card, BancnetATM or Globe Gcash or you can ask someone in the Philippines to pay for you over the counter via Metrobank or Bayad Center.
Click NSO Certificate Online to begin application. Note: You need a complete address and Phone Number of the authorize person(family,friends or relative).

Delivery Reminder:

  1. Authorization Letter - Send a scan letter of authorization(signed and dated) to the person who will receive the documents.

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Obtaining State ID - Oklahoma State

When you get to U.S, for k-1 visa holder it is better to get a state ID so you wont have to bring your passport with you every time you go out. The state ID will serve as your proof of legal presence in United states and while don't have a drivers license yet. You can apply for a state ID before your 90 days or when you get your combo card, it's all up to you. In my case, I applied for my state ID before my 90 days expires. The disadvantages are; the name that appears on my card is the same name on my passport/I-94 not my married name and the card is valid until my 90day expiration. So the officer told me that I can change it into my married name once I have an EAD or green card.

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